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tv   Today  NBC  March 24, 2020 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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you? be they are trying to protect that faced with mounting pressure >> good morning, hoda, i'm doing great. baby again, it's nothing anybody wants to have happen but they as soon as today. how are you doing? might have to separate them from the u.s., canada and other >> we're great temporarily to make sure the negotiators are insisting baby is okay. they've made significant first question comes to us via >> any cases we know of so far, progress as we look at capitol dr. john, of babies have coronavirus? newborn babies hill. steve mew xhnuchin expected to nations to post olympiapone, th rachel from facebook. >> not here. there have been some cases morning the olympic economy said >> hi, my name is rachel from around the world of them having about that this morning. illinois i'm wondering how likely other they will do just that. hospitals around the country that does it this morning we'll talk about that decision will be like new york city, not it but not here in particular in for "today in the bay." the u.s. even allow one support person and how long do we anticipate these restrictions will be in so we'll keep our fingers and its impact on teammates with crossed that that doesn't happen mike tirico. again, taking these steps, taking these measures is one way but first the latest. to make sure it doesn't happen place? going forward. >> reporter: it's official, this >> one question from ashley. good morning. year's summer olympics are being she wants to know, will there be postpon >> hoda, what i think you're mixed message, president trump postponed. a safe and sterile place for my the prime minister of japan seeing happening here is a lot signals growing impatience with c-section knowing so many adjustments have been made to the shutdown of america. announcing today that the of hospitals are doing this in make room for coronavirus president of the international olympic committee has agreed the hot spots of the country, the places that are the patients >> we cannot let the cure be 100% to delay the games for epicenter of the outbreaks now >> yeah, i think that's one the reason they are doing it, thing you can rely on, the worse than the problem itself. about a year. it's a decision they are in the taking lightly, not because they want to get people out of the operating room where they are it comes after the united states hospital >> even though health officials they are doing it because they want to protect the mom and baby warn things are going to be doing the c-section is a sterile environment. as a father of two, i can tell everybody has their ppe on, worse. olympic committee joined the they're taking extra precautions cities now threatening those who growing list to postpone the games. you there's nothing more important than being there for break stay-at-home orders with there that has covid-19. saying in a statement even if jail or fines. the current significant health so it's a very safe environment to have the child in >> don't leave your home unless concerns can be alleviated by the birth of my children, but at if you are scheduled for the same time there's nothing c-section, they recommend a more important than the health of the mother and the child. c-section, that's one of the your life depends on it. there's no easy decision here. things you don't have to worry again, it's important to have about in these times we're late summer, the concerns about having right now. >> dr. torres, we appreciate you. >> our interview with the doctor training, doping control the partner in there to help out
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overseeing the crisis. with baby and birthing and mom thank you. it's more important, more so >> you bet. processes, can't be overcome in important, to make sure the mother and baby are as healthy more news on the $2 trillion as possible. >> coming up next, doctors and i think you're not going to see nurses in their own words on the it spread across the country desperate need for more supplies unless there's more hot spots to handle the coronavirus recovery package, but what will a satisfactory manner. crisis it look like for the average american people. around the country hopefully it only lasts a few but first this is "today" on lending a hand. japan now facing an impossible nbc. we made usaa insurance for members like kate. choice, host the summer games private companies step up to weeks here because we ned to make sure this is under control. during a global health emergency lend a hand for the crucial medical shortage. if everybody does their part, we will get it under control a or delay and risk lots of money. just ahead we'll go one on one lot quicker and that means more hosting the games was already with ford's executive chairman of these hospitals won't have to about what they're doing in this time of crisis. set to cost tokyo more than 12.5 billion dollar. go to this step. japanese olympic officials are all that plus breaking news, insisting cancellation is something neither athletes nor >> also, there's such a shortage tokyo 2021. stakeholders want. of ppe, protective gear, giving officials in japan say the international olympic committee it to a father to go into the delivery room when you have has just agreed to postpone the but the idea is a relief for doctors reusing stuff over and olympics until next summer. some. american track star lolo jones over again, maybe it doesn't what our athletes are saying responding on twitter to ioc about the game-changing members' comments. seem like a great use of decision. i've had so many calls with resources for some okay athletes who have been in tears trying to train for their rose's question is this. ultimate dream but not wanting to jeopardize their health. wouldn't some health experts argue a partner can provide emotional support and additional today, tuesday, march 24, 2020. physical support such as alerting nurses when something >> announcer: from nbc news, is wrong that is a great point. >> hoda, i think it's a this is a special edition of this was the right thing to do. fantastic point. "today," the coronavirus i don't think any expert would canada and australia had already argue that it's not good to have announced they won't be sending somebody there to support, a pandemic. with savannah guthrie and hoda athletes to tokyo if the kotb. partner, doula, whatever hi, everybody. as support for the mother as
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welcome to "today." olympics are held this summer. it is 7:00 a.m. on the west she's giving birth to the child. coast. but at the same time, the same so happy you're joining us on american gymnast collin this tuesday morning. vanwickland says he's dreamed of competing in the experts say it's even more important to make sure that the olympics his whole life but health is maintained good morning, savannah, how are feels it's only fair to postpone we're talking health of the you? >> good morning. them now. >> i just want a fair shot, you staff, health of the mother, know. i want to be at my best good to see you from home. competing against other people who are at their best in order health of the baby, probably the most important factor in all of we have a lot of breaking news this morning. this to make the olympic team. again, i don't think anybody >> we do. would say it's not important to we have the latest on the have them there, and this is a >> reporter: the announcement very temporary measure coronavirus outbreak. this is unprecedented in our time we've seen another surge in u.s. comes as major sports teams like we've never gone through a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle something like this. cases now there are more than whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. we're doing these things, 44,000 with 550 deaths. we're learning as we go, and yesterday, by the way, marking so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. part of that process is again, the deadliest day yet here in making sure that everybody is america. the nbthe olympic torch arrived safe and healthy she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... breaking overnight, a deal hopefully it's very short-term japan, whether it's relayed in i got this. appears to be close on that tokyo continues is even up in lived here not happening very long, just a usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. nearly $2 trillion economic the air. for the athletes, officials and rescue bill as president trump fans, the olympic motto of swifter, stronger might need to add another word, later. >> the idea of being all alone she can even pick her payment plan announces he's eager to reopen stephanie gosk, nbc news. the country for business. in the delivery room without so it's easy on her budget and her life. your spouse or significant other mike tirico joins us now. seems like almost too much to usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. and just this morning the bear international olympic committee as we mentioned, he is the prime here is a question from jordan on facebook. usaa decided this summer's tokyo time host of nbc's olympic take a look. coverage. mike, good morning. games set to open in four months we have that breaking news, the >> what is the procedure for will be postponed until next labor and delivery if between year. this by the way marks the first olympics will, in fact, be now and my due date in 28 days i time in history that the start postponed to 2021. of an olympics will be delayed become infected with the coronavirus? for another year. it seemed that that drum beat will mothers and babies be meantime, officials in china was happening as nations were separated during postpartum period for any reason? announce the lockdown in wuhan saying let's put this on pause. >> wow, that's a good question. we can't understate. where the outbreak began will this is historical. >> that's a great question, a
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the first time this has ever very difficult one what they are recommending, i've end on april 8th, that's nearly two and a half months after it happened with the olympics. started. gotten guidelines from in a moment we're going to >> exactly, hoda. some hospitals and what the the olympics were cancelled in speak to the trump administration's coronavirus response coordinator but first wartime, 1916, 1940, 1944, american college of obstetrics tom costello begins our coverage. boycotts in 1980 and 1984, but tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. to see a postponement like this we have a lot of headlines is, as we've been using the word and giynecologists are beginning with the ioc japan a lot, in a lot of different ways, unprecedented. recommended is, if the mother is announcement saying the olympics welcome back who do you feel for today, positive, if she has coronavirus, they recommend in the fight against the obviously the people of japan coronavirus, hospital workers will be postponed until no later separating her and the baby at than the end of the summer of across the country are fighting 2021. who planned for seven years, birth just temporarily to test the baby, make sure the baby t everyone in the olympic movement an urgent shortage of protective airports and airlines as you but you feel for the 11,000 gear know have been decimated. >> that's right. the wall street journal reports athletes around the world who the u.s. airlines are looking at have been pointing towards july the president has invoked an 24th, four months from today, the opening ceremony of the emergency power, the production act, that allows him t a possible conti olympics for years for many of force companies to manufacture them. supplies but says many are shutdown domestic air travel. our reporting suggests that's already stepping up voluntarily. we wanted to hear from people premature. you can comfortably say the dealing with this firsthand. nbc senior investigative the airlines concede they are 11,000 or so athletes that would correspondent cynthia mcfadden has that story this morning. have been there july 24th of flying with five, ten, 12 people on board a plane. this year, will not all be there cynthia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they're losing a boat load of in the same number whenever the 380 health care workers olympics are held in 2021. money but the president wants to it's impossible to think that keep the economy moving. everyone who would have made it he wants to jump start the this year would have made it responded to our survey. they represent 40 states next year. we asked them what life was like >> it's a bummer. on the front lines economy and reopen the country have you been able to talk to for business. the overwhelming majority told
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however play that against what any of the athletes? us they were in desperate need i know some were having health experlts are saying, if difficulty training, you can't of masks and gowns this morning, hear them in their get in the pool, a lot of people were having to cut back. own words. we scale about tback the rules social distancing, the results what are they saying, mike? >> watching social media, a lot >> my name is esther chu could be disastrous. of their reaction is similar to i'm an emergency medicine doctor >> our economy wasn't meant to that. in portland, oregon. >> margot snyder. be shutdown. they wanted this to happen, >> dr. robert warren. >> reporter: president trump because of exactly what you said, hoda, the inability for so many to train. >> if you're sick with appearing to send mixed signals just a week ago, the u.s. covid virus needin suggesting the crisis may be hospitalization, most likely i'll be the one taking care of you. >> these are simply not normal times. overblown and warning impacts to >> i'm dr. adam friedlander, i'm the economy would be severe. olympic and paraolympic director of pediatric emergency headquarters was open in >> america will once again and colorado springs. that went away, the soon be open for business. medicine at north side hospital, universities, colleges, other in atlanta we're all talking about buying a lot sooner than three or four places they train have shutdown the right masks on ebay. months that somebody was suggesting. for all the obvious reasons as the country has shutdown. >> reporter: while also acknowledging the coronavirus and in a week this has become we're going online and trying to see who might still have situation will get worse. something that became inevitable something in stock >> this is going to be bad and but that doesn't dull the pain i spent roughly 10 times retail we're trying to make it so it's much, much less bad. today, the fact they were >> reporter: the president ramping up and building towards for two masks that i hope aren't expired. this and now have to pull the plug on it. the cdc came out with a downplaying what experts said as recommendation that when these >> it's one of the things the supplies run out, we may want to use a bandana tied around our the continued need to restrict whole world watches and it's one face social movement in order to of the things you feel you need the fact that a recommendation and you understand why it's avoid the spread of the virus. delayed but to broaden this out from the olympics, mike and look like that came out from the
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center for disease control is mind boggling to me. >> if it were up to the doctors at other sports, the nba, major what do we do when half of your they'd say let's shutdown the entire world. league baseball. people are wondering when we're going to see the sports again on doctors are out on quarantine, >> reporter: overnight, backlash after the lieutenant governor of our televisions. you have no more beds, all your what do you know about that? texas said some seniors are >> yeah it's going to be a while. like everything else, large ventilators are used up and willing to die to get the gatherings are stopped. there are a thousand new diagnoses in a single day. economy going again. that's sports. what do you do then? that's what we're bracing for. think of 40, 50,000 in a normal >> we do not have enough to last us for what's coming >> we'll take care of ourselves, crowd at a lot of events, don't sacrifice the whole outdoors. country. i'm a practicing emergency room >> this is the group that needs 15, 20,000 in an arena. doctor and the leader of one of to absolutely social distance we're nowhere near that in our our groups here in the central country. coast of california. and self-isolate at that time. economically and from an entertainment standpoint we're into the deep spring, maybe the we know we don't have enough summer until we get back to some of this. n 95 masks, what are called paprs, the special hood people >> dr. deborah birx the olympics are four months acknowledging her own decision away. hoda, you hit on something, you use when they intu bait or place to stay home when she was saturday. were there for the rio opening a patient on a ventilator. ceremony, one of the hosts for we're trying to get our hands on >> saturday i had a low-grade fever. that. these. hospitals are ordering them and i got a they are not showing up. we're seeing health care workers i had the honor to do get sick at a much higher rate i stayed home another day just pyeongchang two years later. to -- than the population. when you watch the world come >> whew. these are young, healthy, go to work every day physicians and >> reporter: as the white house together in one place, it is so doctors. physically present and rare it without the protection, you're happens anywhere but an olympic going to lose us coronavirus curve on capitol games and we're not going to see you're going to lose physicians hill an intense back and forth that, that's what's happening in and you're going to lose nurses. over relief funding. if you lose them in a small the world, we are all separate community like we are in, you >> they ought
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don't have a back-up for that. and distant. >> i've never used any of these opportunity this is a national emergency. the metaphor of that opening >> we democrats are trying to ceremony and people not being items for more than a single able to come together, strikes patient because of the risk of get things done, not making me as i think about what we transmission we generally take won't see this july and partisan speech after partisan hopefully in tokyo to see in them off right after a patient peach. >> reporter: with health care 2021. >> ending on a little hope, and put them right into a mike. garbage can. we're really going into crisis provide rs facing critical i think people are looking for mode. >> we're getting no support. shortages, the justice that's the bottom line in fact, we're getting the something to watch, to be part department said it will of, how are you lifting yourself prosecute those who hoard up without sports in the world? opposite of support. we have to fight with a shortage >> 7:00 a.m., you and savannah of protective equipment. products in an effort to price gouge. "today" show every morning. we have to fight with hospital >> reporter: mitch mcconnell's office is suggesting that, in administrators threatening to it's always part of my routine. discipline us if we protect fact, a deal may be close on the ourselves. a patient comes into the economic stimulus package. i get all two hours, third and we have developments out of fourth hour now, out for walks. arizona. one thing i'm doing, i'll give emergency room for something completely unrelated, they're you this, i'm going into my a man in arizona has died after cared for by 20, 30 different phone cleaning up old pictures. health care providers. then a day or five days later, he took chloroquine phosphate. we find out, oh, that patient now you may recall that the and when the olympics do take president has discussed using was infected. chloroquine as let's turn to mr. roker and get deal with coronavirus in a tablet form. a check of the weather. >> we are at a higher risk than general population to catch the it is also used to treat malaria. hey, al. but apparently this gentleman >> hey, guys. infection and to perish from how are you doing? this infection let's look and show you what we i'm working and the same concern used it and had it because he have going on for today. for health care providers. we are looking at severe weather that might sound gloomy to most. uses it to kill fish parasites. it is gloomy, but it is a fact, and we should be prepared for
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making its way through the mid we talked to his wife who is also in the hospital. that section of the country where you >> did you see the president's very scary. press conference? >> we're stepping up and we're have severe thunderstorm watc s battling this virus but we need watches, pushing through, bri >> yeah. support. bringing with it the risk of tornados through the tennessee >> we need this equipment to yeah, we saw his press conference. river valley, 80s and 90s to the keep us safe. it was on a lot, actually. >> the greatest risk we face right now is overwhelming our gulf, 30s and 40s in the >> and then what -- and then northeast. what -- did you -- did you seek a nicer day in the northeast. health care resources. the severe storms continue to out chloroquine? push through the tennessee river that's not just filling up beds >> i had it in the house because valley. record highs texas into the and using up all of our i used to have koi fish. ventilators, it's knocking out our workforce if they become ill. >> we're going to come every day to work and put our lives on the >> reporter: again, the fda is looking at weather chloroquine, line we're going to do everything we western gulf which is used to treat malaria can to save your life but we need your help to make that possible. could be effective in treating coronavirus. >> things are really dire in that is still under review. >> gooore clouds certain parts of the country but certainly not using it in a one egna raw form that's used to kill moving in. live look outside in san she has no n95 masks, she's been fish parasites. francisco. savannah back to you. we are going to see some breaks >> a sad situation there. in the clouds, but also some told she must report to work tom, thank you. she didn't want her name used rain in the forecast. by this time tomorrow more than 40% of the country will be so expect the showers that will be moving through the north bay for fear she would be fired. under a stay-at-home order. to continue into the rest of the you know, help is on the way we just have to hope it's going bay area today. and we are also going to have officials say it's critical to prevent further spread of the much cooler temperatures. we're only reaching into the to get there soon enough, before it's too late. upper 50s for the inland back to you guys >> all right, cynthia. valleys. and the showers will continue through at least thursday virus but are people heeding morning. it's astonishing to hear this warning? migu
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miguel almaguer is live with those front line accounts. more on that. these are the folks that are in >> reporter: here in california >> and that's your latest weather. hoda. the hospitals, in the emergency rooms trying to help, and they the governor said it's up to the >> al, thank you public to keep their social distancing, but that's not now to our with you today need our help now, which is why campaign as part of our happening in every community and now some states are threatening collaboration with facebook and instagram. we're socially distancing, and jail time. a lot of you are asking about ways you can help. hopefully more will be coming in while many of the nation's most terms of of those masks and that vicky nguyen is here to show us protective gear they need. >> yeah. congested highways and busy ways we can help >> good morning. when you hear from small town doctors and you realize that's it streets have gone empty, if they are put out of commission, there's no back-up, beaches, basketball courts, >> we have a lot of questions. erin posted this question on facebook there's nobody there it just made me think i was glad cancelled festivals and farmer's take a look. >> being a college student, i when you interviewed the guy can't afford to donate money right now. from ford. i kept thinking, let's get those markets drew massive crowds are there any other ways to help masks out, let's get the people out while being isolated. protective gear out. hopefully that will come soon. despite the national call for >> erin, you don't need money to social distancing. help, the center for disaster >> yeah. after scenes like these in california, overnight l.a. we're back with much more on philanthropy something really this tuesday morning, but first, important we can all do right county park trails were closed. now is pick up the phone or enter on your computer real parking lots at beaches were information and stop the spread of misinformation. shuttered and many recreational playgrounds were locked up. it seems really simple >> the young and healthy have a but when you see a rumor, squash unique obligation to the seniors it and share credible sources during this pandemic to keep them safe and you can't the other thing you can do, the surgeon general is asking young healthy americans to donate blood. there's a critical shortage do that at a pickup basketball game. >> reporter: individual states, counties and cities are handling because so many blood drives are were cancelled if you consider doing that, make restrictions differently. an appointment online with red
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leaving some ignoring orders to cross, practice social stay away from crowds. distancing and wash your hands. >> i feel like there's been so >> i like those, all little many viruses and stuff that i've things we can do our next question comes from for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh... seen throughout my lifetime this porter on instagram. is just kind of another. ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! >> reporter: as states try to simplify their message, well director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action >> i want to donate blood with over a dozen with more likely to to help with the coronavirus for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... pandemic, but i'm not old enough join today. i was wondering, what can kids have told nearly half the director's voice: cut it! do to help ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... nation's population to stay at home. >> that is such a good question -- for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) >> don't leave your home unless >> first, can we say we love director's voice: keep it together. someone's life depends on your port porter that he's even thinking about i'm good. i'm good. leaving. >> reporter: there are that exceptions, going to the grocery >> a young person at home from school, enlist the help of your for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. parents. right, porter? store or solitary exercise are permitted. here is the thing, make a list of someone near and far that vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years. but in oregon where thousands might need a card. i see you doing that, trying to flooded beaches, failure to gecko: don't look at me. don't look at me. comply would lead to 30 days in connect. jail a fine of up to $1,250 or also think about the people who both. across the nation in florida, are close to you that might appreciate a run to the grocery the governor is refusing to store or the pharmacy for food or medicines institute a stay-at-home order also outdoor help, bringing in but he is discouraging visitors coming from new york. garbage cans, mail, watering their plants you can be socially distant but still connected. york's tri-state area to >> christine says i wonder if self-quarantine for two weeks. latex gloves hair salons use can be donated to hospitals. this morning a nation connected >> great question.
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by a growing call to push us all we checked around. a lot of hospitals are accepting apart. social distancing is incredibly unopened boxes of latex gloves important, especially in big some hospitals also, though, cities like new york where the would really prefer the latex-free gloves. attack rate is five times higher nail salons and hair salons are than it is in other areas. while there is no federal closed right now, many of them mandate around social do use those types of gloves distancing, the government has so please do consider donating >> i have a question from kathy on facebook about home made said all along all americans masks. need to keep about 6 feet away from one another. >> i'm kathy from idaho. savannah back to you. i just started making fabric masks, but i'm not sure where to >> miguel almaguer, thank you so much. send them. can you help me and others figure out where to send them. we're joined by dr. deborah >> check with hospitals in the birks. good morning, it's good to see area you. first, a lot of posting a list thanks for being here. >> good morning. on their websites of supplies >> let's talk about what the they need. president said in his press also consider going on social conference yesterday. media and doing a search for you were right there. donations, gloves, masks he talked at length about easing hospitals are actually going online and asking for help that social distancing sooner rather than later. way as well. just to be clear, these are not welcome back said weeks n at a time when so much of the news is grim, we want to bring you some good news by is that advisable? going to be the n95 masks the highlighting acts of kindness, hoda there are a lot of them. >> i think we're looking very front line health care workers need to block the virus. >> there are closely around the world about consider this, hoda, a lot of specifically italy right now doctors and nurses are asking to this morning nbc sarah harman because they are reaching their reuse their mask introduces us to a special choir two weeks of clear social one technique to preserve the fighting the loneliness of social isolation one note at a distancing and looking at the impact. mask is put a surgical or cloth
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we are seeing the number of deaths starting to decline. mask exactly like this over the time n-95 >> over the top. so we're in a space where people >> don't forget the first ♪ have made generalized responders, emts and fire >> reporter: welcome to sofa recommendations for many decades departments. call them. on how to confront an epidemic they may need masks as well. singers. kudos to folks using talents to now we're confronting a real epidemic and we have to be help and make things that are in 500 strangers from all around desperate need right now willing to adjust our plans as >> thank you. the world, england, norway, and >> just ahead, dr. torres. america gathering for virtual we see impact. he's going to answer questions choir practice. >> do you think it will be weeks we've been getting a lot of them not months that this social >> everyone is invited media will be required? you don't have to read music you don't have to have any from expectant parents about new >> i think the question is hospital rules that are causing really can we be laser focussed some anxiety musical training. >> reporter: the choir leader knows all about the power of coming up after your local news. rather than generic across the country. in other words can we use our raising our voices together. >> i saw the singing in the streets in italy data in a laser focussed i thought, how can we recreate granular way to look at the data that online? on the ground and adjust our >> reporter: last week he measures based on the number of invited others who were cases and the work we're doing a very good morning to you. self-isolating to join him in an with the communities. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia. online sing al lg viing in a live look at sfo where london and her mom back home in >> can you do that? is it feasible to isolate hot international travel has all but oklahoma both joined in raising their voices in unison across dried up in the wake of spots and prevent the virus from spreading? >> i think that's the question restrictions here and abroad. we're all looking at closely but there are still some the atlantic now. we're coming from models. international flights into the
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bay area. ♪ for it won't be long i said we've never really arriving passengers are not >> for some reason, this felt always being heavily screened. confronted this type of epidemic way more connected before that hit during a flu the chronicle reports only season to dissect out what was americans arriving from certain we were doing this activity together, and, you know, flu, what was covid, and red flag countries are subject she can see me and i can see her. understand who was at risk, how to thorough screenings. >> reporter: for technical reasons, the singers can't they were at risk. the 30-day countries include so we're getting critical china, iran and anyone in the actually hear each other. information now from all the front lines. eu. the passengers arriving from ♪ somebody to lean on we know in specific metro areas >> it's like singing in the car outside those designated but better, because you can see and the areas that have rising countries, including some where everybody else is going for it at the same time. number of cases should be the virus is now rampant, as of following the president's >> reporter: at times it can now, will not receive enhanced feel a bit silly singing to guidelines, those were clear, screening or even be told to be yourself they were sent out a week ago, in self-quarantine. fortunately there's no talent this is my plea to every want to look at the morning american, please continue to commute and see if anybody is required follow the presidential out there other than essential guidelines. >> are you confident that the workers. ♪ but if we are wise president will listen to you, to >> that's right, laura. >> reporter: our world is in fact, they are out there, but changing so fast right now they are able to get where they with new challenges every day. dr. fauci, to doctor adams the need to go thank goodness. this community coming together surgeon general if you say we we have one issue, though. second deadly crash of the has helped so many. morning. over in san ramon. know it's a hard pill to swallow so to speak for the economy but access on to san ramon at i have to admit, that felt amazing. to save lives we have to i can't wipe the smile off my continue the lockdown, are you bollinger canyon road may be face. om confident he would listen to affected by this deadly crash. that advice and take that someone failed to make that sweden but i really did feel advice? connected. >> i am confident the president curve. crews there and repair work for i do think it's amazing. it's amazing we can get that has listened to and seen all the the railing n ining needs to be. feeling through the computer data as it evolves. department of transportation
7:13 am
should be out there shortly. i think you can see the president over these three weeks a smooth drive across the screen. bridge. remember, no cash. >> to be able to do it in my own has been focussed on what the back to you. >> thank you. home with my own family, it's american people need another local news update in amazing. >> reporter: no one knows how long it will be before things go economically and public health half an hour. see you then. wise. back to normal. ♪ lean on me when you're not i think it's incumbent on every public health official to look strong ♪ >> reporter: if they will go at their data and understand back to normal who's at risk, who's at risk of ♪ i am your friend >> reporter: but until we can be hospitalization, mortality, how do we stop the spread and move together again -- ♪ i'll help you carry on >> reporter: we may as well sing to a 21st century super computer approach rather than a slide together ruler approach. for today sarah harman, nbc >> in the meantime time is not on our side as we look at the news, london. data. you have to continue to have the social distancing, right? >> she sounds good, i think. i've seen one estimate that said >> sarah gave it a go, man >> i know. >> i'm in. if you don't flatten the curve >> i love it we could have 2 million deaths. >> this is absolutely correct. loud and be heard. we got a hero of the day ready for this one and that's why the president and the vice president yesterday >> ready. >> his name is michael aaron kept coming back to what we need to be doing right now. dale what the president is doing is looking for the future and he's a junior at the university of alabama, school, of course, looking what we can do in the is closed. what we're doing now. he returned home to chicago, and
7:14 am
pl, continue to he decided to do something to follow the guidelines of social help others. distancing and all of the other he started a nonprofit called leave it to us things about knowing where your it's a no fee shopping service for people in the neighborhood hands are and washing your hands. all they have to do is call them and michael and some of his friends shop for what they need and deliver them free of charge. and lots of people that we can't michael said he's looking for something to do and felt like this was the best use of his have the cure be worse than the time disease. love to see young people meaning, you can't have the social distancing and the economic lockdown and the stepping up and helping out shutdown of america be worse our older americans who really than what transpires when you need us right now in a lot of different ways have the virus. >> hats off to michael there's a doctor writing in the in the meantime, we asked "new york times" over the you for your heart warming with weekend saying, the public health consequences of this near you today messages, and boy, are they rolling in. let's start with one from lydia on long island. >> hi "today" show total meltdown of normal life i wanted to send love to my niece madelyn and her husband will be long lasting, possibly chris who welcomed their first baby kenneth just a few days graver than the direct toll of the virus itself. ago. i can't meet him right now but the stock market will bounce i'm excited to hold him soon love you guys. >> we love you, too, baby back, but many businesses never kenneth. will. we say welcome to the world. this will be public health scourges of the first order. he's arguing what doctors like the wait will be worth it once yourself are arguing right now lydia and the rest of the family
7:15 am
get to squeeze that little baby. is worse than the spread of the >> well, i love that virus. do you agree? so cute. love a newborn baby. >> think we're factoring all of those elements in. you know how i do. there's a fine line and a place stanzi in lake placid, new york, sent us a message, too to go that balances the needs of take a look. the american people both today and tomorrow with the reality of the epidemic. >> hey, "today" show i am sending so much love to my that's going to require really precision, granular data and friends kasie and matt who had that's what we're collecting now to see that and understand that. to cancel their upcoming wedding this weekend to everyone in new york, you are your friends, families and whole wedding party love you so much before you know it, we'll be in a very difficult place, and celebrating next december. if any city should be adhering to the presidential guidelines, your governor and mayor, it's >> we want to send our love to new york and the new york metro area right now. kasie and matt, too. and our congratulations. >> right now new york is -- it's hard to make that decision. they're getting positive tests a lot of people had to postpone back at a rate three times than or put off things they have been what we're seeing in other parts planning for years and years of the country, correct? we just want you to know we are with you we understand. >> and the reason this is is we had a backlog. and you're doing a great service so it's difficult at this moment hi, guys, doing "the tonight for your fellow humans so hopefully that will comfort to interpret the test positive data, because we're running show" at home from my home this whole week. tests we have the high >> she just made me think about our wedding plans. every night we'll have throughput now just eight days i'm like, should we be working on that? interviews through online we might have to work on a plan b, too. ago, there was a backlog, so interviews and we'll be raising >> i'm counting on coming to your wedding. many of the positives you're a lot of money for a lot of great causes
7:16 am
tune in every night this week. >> all right, guys seeing in this surge are people we do have a lot more coming up, whose tests came in three or savannah, in the third and fo fourth hour. here we go mike tirico is going to join craig and al and talk more about we're hoping to move through the backlog soon. the olympics we're back now there's some breaking news on it's 8:30, it's tuesday morning, >> dr. birx, before i let you it's the 24th of march 2020. that front good morning, everybody. go, the surgeon general was on nice to have you with us and on the fourth hour, me and the show yesterday he was blunt. watching at home like so many you, ms. guthrie, we're going to he said he wanted to tell people are across our country. get together and kick that off americans it's going to get back this week. do you agree? they're not in our plaza for the those third and fourth hours in what way? moment, hoda. straight ahead, but first your what should people expect? >> they're not. local news >> so the cases you're seeing >> but hopefully soon enough we'll get that crowd out there right now hospitalized -- this i hope you and i will be is a very important point for reunited soon and we do have a the american public -- what lot to get to in this half hour. we're seeing in the hospitals now are people who most likely >> i do look forward to that day soon got exposed and sick more than we do have a lot to get to, the two weeks ago. coronavirus. some hospitals are barring partners from the delivery room. so you're seeing what was a lot of expectant parents occurring two and three weeks asking questions about the new rules on facebook and ago. insta-pages. so the things we have put in this morning dr. torres is here. place over the last eight days he has some answers i think a lot of anxious moms and dads and what the mayor and governor will be waiting for. has done over the last seven >> yeah. days, you won't see the impact of that for at least another can you imagine waiting for a baby and then all of this uncertainty. good thing to have dr. torres on stand by seven or 14 days. that's why you can't always just also more on the dire need for look at the hospital rates to critical supplies for our determine whether you're having nation's doctors and nurses. just ahead they are going to
7:17 am
share their stories, their perspective from the front lines an impact ep deem logically. of this crisis first al has got a check of the weather. >> thank you for being with us. al, good morning glad you're feeling better. >> thank you. how is it going? spain has been especially >> it's going good a very good morning to you. it's 8:56. hard hit by the coronavirus i'm laura garcia. the new coronavirus testing site pandemic and residents there are we still have a little light snow outside coming down here. in hayward is broadening its under strict stay-at-home orders. in the meantime we're going to so a group of police officers show you we have severe weather to talk about as we make our way through mississippi river valley criteria for those who will be doing their part to lift spirits tested. starting this morning, the a f of everybody stuck in their houses. today. we're also looking at record look at what happened when a few officers rolled up into a highs down through texas and the gulf, sierra snow out west degrees, has shortness recently a nicer day in the northeast as we move into tomorrow, strong storms move into the mid-atlantic with record warmth through the eastern gulf coast exposed to the virus. you can also get a test if your including florida. at high risk of getting the virus. so those who have chronic neighborhood. snowy conditions in the northern conditions, over the age of 65 plains mountain snows in the >> that impromptu performance paci are currently or recently pregnant and people who are turned into a sing along. homeless. you do not need a doctor's neighbors joined in from their >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. referral to get that test. windows, balconies and officers we're going to see more clouds happening now, the testing site promised that was not a one-night only gig. moving in and a live look is set to open in just minutes outside. they say they're going to keep as we check out our radar and at 9:00 a.m. we have a crew there. singing until life returns to satellite, we've seen the we'll have a live report at normal. scattered showers passing by, midday for you as well. especially the north bay. you can also link to more and we'll see that spreading details from our home page. into the rest of the bay area summer games will not go on
7:18 am
going into the afternoon. they have it right there. as planned. so as we go into today,eaches 5 japan and the ioc this morning mr. roker is with us for a have agreed to postpone the check on the weather. >> i can see this spreading degrees for the inland areas. olympics. across the country, the singing instead the new plan will and it will be only just involve holding the games in police challenge, it's going to slightly warmer tomorrow as we tokyo some time next year, but be great. the plan is still evolving. get more showers. let's see how great your weather we'll have a chance to dry out head to our twitter feed for the on friday and saturday. full details. we are looking right now at snow governor newsom ordered the making its way through the sierra. closure of all parking lots, >> that's your latest weather. we're also picking up heavier state parks and beaches to snow there and wet weather hammer home the message of coming up at the top of the social distancing. making its way into the pacific on our home page link to northwest. third hour of "today," craig for today the cold front moves complete coronavirus coverage. through california, a low melvin and i will be back talking about the latest that's elevation rain, but the upper been going on and we'll speak to elevations will be seeing some mike tirico. thank you. light snow. >> we look forward to that, al then for tomorrow, snow for the thank you. up next, we have lots of new questions about new hospital sierra and northern rockies with temperatures below average for rules when it comes to having a baby much of the west. as far as snow fall accumulation, above 4,000 feet will pick up 18 inches in the sier sierra. severe storms through the tennessee river valley and a nicer day here into the northeast. to every corner of this country.
7:19 am
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7:20 am
moves out on thursday. and that is your latest weather. hoda. >> all right, al. thank you. coming up a critical unsung group of front liners. when we face adversity, how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. our inside look at truckers this is xfinity x1. we find a way through it. working day and night to make it's about taking care of each other. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. sure we with get food, medicine and other essentials. it's the small parts that make a big difference. streaming services without changing passwords and input. plus as cases of the coronavirus at chevy, we promise to do ours. skyrocket, what's done to live sports - with real-time stats and scores. we're offering chevy owners complimentary address the dire need for medical equipment. access to the most 4k content. onstar crisis assist services and wifi data. the plea from doctors across the and your movies and shows to go. if you need a new chevy, country. and ford's executive interest-free financing for 84 months - the best tv experience is the best tv value. chairman will join us live with with deferred payments for 120 days xfinity x1. on many of our most popular models. simple. easy. awesome. you may even shop online and take delivery at home. xfinity. the future of awesome. it's just our way of doing our part... everybody, welcome back. a lot of expectant parents are feeling especially anxious during this coronavirus outbreak that's because in some hospitals, in an effort to hey, everybody, welcome promote caution and safety, back it is the third hour of today.
7:21 am
once again craig and al joining partners are now being banned from the delivery room us from their homes. here in new york it sparked a guys, good to see your faces petition with more good morning. >> good morning, craig, hoda. >> good morning. than 250,000 officisignatures cg >> keep that shot up, craig. officials to step in and reverse that decision. so we're goi i see it messing with us a little bit. >> i'll do my best i'll do my best here how about we start with tom costello, of course, a number of states moving into lockdown mode more states moving into lockdown mode the president trying to get the economy back on can we go get some ice cream? alright, we gotta stop here first. ♪ ♪ from smarter atms, to after hours video tellers ♪ ♪ comcast business is connecting thousands of banks to technology that turns everyday transactions into extraordinary experiences. hi there. how are you? do you have any lollipops in there? (laughing) no, sorry. we're helping all kinds of businesses
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ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto. good morning to you. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. the new coronavirus testing site in hayward is broadening its criteria for those who will be tested. starting this morning the groups that can be tested are anyone who has a fever over 100 degrees, shortness of breath, recently traveled to europe or asia or recently eb lly exposed virus. you can be tested if you are at high risk including those who have chronic conditions, are over the age of 65, are currently or recently pregnant and people who are homeless. you don't need a doctor's referral to get the test. the testing site opens at 9:00 a.m. right now we want to get a
7:27 am
look at the forecast for you. how is it looking? looking at walnut creek, more clouds moving through there. as we go into the rest of the day we will see at times off and on showers in the forecast. it will be overall much cooler temperatures. looking at the radar we've seen rain moving through once again the north bay and our temperatures staying in the upper 50s and low 60s until that rain moves out on thursday. mike, what's happening for the commute? kari, overall, a pleasant drive for those getting to their essential jobs. we thank them for getting around the area. if they are working in san ramon, a concern i believe that off ramp may be affected. the rest of the approach through
7:28 am
the tri-valley looks very smooth as is the rest of the bay. no problems getting to the bay bridge. another local news update in 30 minutes.
7:29 am
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yeah! (sarcastically) fantastic. earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy with freedom unlimited. chase. make more of what's yours. we're back now at 7:30, 24th day of march, 2020 there's our corner of the world. it's tuesday morning, 24th of march, 2020. there's our corner of the world. i think hoda kotb is the only person there and our awesome control room staff which we have to give a shout out to, folks working hard in the control room and back at home to get the show on the air every day >> you got that right. i can't believe the dedication i've got mason 6 feet away from me he's on camera one and two and three. he's on all of them. we do want to get right to the headlines.
7:31 am
16 states have now implemented stay-at-home orders. many go into effect today. massachusetts, michigan, indiana, and washington among the latest states to join the growing list cvs health says it will hire 50,000 new workers across the u.s. the company also plans to give bonuses of up to $500 to employees required to work during the coronavirus pandemic. and florida's governor has issued an executive order mandating a self-quarantine for all visitors flying to florida from new york, from new jersey and from connecticut those who violate that order could face a fine or jail time savannah and now to the other crisi tied to this coronavirus outbreak health care workers on the front lines desperate for medical equipment. the president has said that private companies are stepping up but critics say that's still not enough and more needs to be done nbc's gabe gutierrez at new york
7:32 am
presbyterian hospita in manhattan good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. there seems to be a growing disconnect between the trump administration and doctors on the ground on whether enough supplies are available the chair of the surgical department here at one of the nation's largest hospitals says it's burning through 40,000 protective masks a day this morning, as coronavirus testing ramps up around the country -- >> a little bit of a cough but could be just a sore throat, but just want to make sure we don't have anything else other than that. >> more hospitals are overrun with new patients. doctors and nurses are intensifying their calls for help. >> scared. my coworkers are scared. >> seattle icu nurse and her colleagues are now using just one mask all day. >> we're running around like crazy. we're outraged. >> reporter: state officials in massachusetts and washington state say they've gotten only a fraction of the supplies they've asked for from the national stock pile new york city, now the u.s. epicenter of the crisis is
7:33 am
putting 1,000 hospital beds in its massive convention hall, the javits center. governor andrew cuomo is urgently asking the trump administration to order companies to make critical equipment like ventilators. >> they legally have a tool called the federal defense e >> reporter: on monday, president trump signed an executive order making it a crime to stockpile supplies needed by medical workers. the attorney general said investigators will go after hoarders, too. >> if you are sitting on a warehouse with masks, surgical masks, you will be hearing a knock on your door. >> reporter: touring fema headquarters, vice president mike pence praised private companies, like ford, gm, and tesla for already offering to make ventilators other companies such as apple and hanes plan to make extra masks. >> it's important to take action as tens of millions are to help us slow the spread.
7:34 am
>> reporter: with a critical shortage looming, other companies are trying to step up, sewing makeshift masks >> it was sit at home stressing and crying or do something i'm a do something person. >> we see the need. >> reporter: and this nebraska alcohol distillery is now making hand sanitizer many doctors and nurses we've spoken with say those private efforts just won't be enough and they want the federal government to do more new york city's mayor predicts hospitals here will be overwhelmed in less than 10 days, savannah. >> all right, gabe, thank you so much as mentioned, ford motor company is stepping in to help fill this urgent need for medical supplies we're joined now by its executive chairman, bill ford. mr. ford, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> we can get into the details in a moment, but you've heard the cries of health care workers, people on the front lines. i know ford is going to start manufacturing some of these items.
7:35 am
what are you going to do >> actually, we have four big efforts going. one is, we're working with ge on ventilators to dramatically increase the capability they have to deliver these in numbers. we're also working with 3m for air purifying respirators. we're going to help them dramatically increase the production of those. and then in house, we're also doing face shields, trying to produce hundreds of thousands of those a week and n-95 masks, we're 3d printing them so we have a lot going this is very much kind of what our company does when we're needed and our employees are amazing. i also heard that you had toow kind of get some stuff off the shelf to work out, for example, the masks i think you're using some items you had in stock?
7:36 am
>> yeah, i mean, look, when you're in a situation like this, you do anything you can. and so that -- we've -- we're using fans from our electric -- our seats that are air cooled and heated we're actually finding those fans are useful in production of some of these other items. so we're going into our parts bin to see what can be done. we're a very opportunistic company. we have great engineers and great manufacturing people and we're putting them to work. >> how soon and how many when it comes to some of thi ventilators you talked about, respirators you talked about, masks and so forth >> i mean, as soon as we can get them we think we can -- like on the masks, we're doing those, and we're trying to gear up to 100,000 a week of those. with 3m on the air purifying respirators, we're trying to increase the capability there from six to ten times what they can currently make maybe we'll do that in our facilities as well
7:37 am
same thing with the ventilators. ge increase their production but we can do it in our facilities, too. obviously when we do it, we have to make sure our employees are safe and we're working with oaw on that as well. >> just to understand where you're coming from here, you mentioned that ford has a long history of helping out it's a company that's been around for many, many years. is there any profit associated with this? are you donating these materials? how is that going to work out? >> honestly, savannah, we have no idea. we're just going as fast as we can. nobody has talked about the financial implications of this, because this is a national emergency. we'll sort all that out later. but, you know, we need to get going. we are getting going we haven't talked to anybody about any kind of reimbursement or anything like that. you know, i suppose we can sort
7:38 am
all that out later this is a company, as you point out, we've been around 117 years. we were the arsenal democracy during two world wars. we built iron lungs for polio victims. whenever we're called on, we're there. >> and finally, before i let you go, is this something that you coordinated with the white house? did you talk to the president? did they ask you to do this or is this something ford did on its own? >> we're doing it on our own obviously the white house has put a call out for companies to help but frankly we were getting all this in motion before that we're so happy to help, an we're going to do absolutely everything we can. >> all right bill ford, thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> i think a lot of people will be heartened by that news. >> thank you. >> hoda, over to you. >> good for ford still ahead, the hidden heroes making sure americans get their food, get their medicine, all the things they need truck drivers tell us about the
7:39 am
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speaking of dinner, what're we eating, guys? we are back coming up on 7:43 this morning on in depth today we're taking a closer look at some of the unsung heroes of the coronavirus response we're talking about the nation's 3 million plus truck drivers they're working overtime and they're keeping our critical supply chain moving. nbc's sam brock is in houston, texas. he's got their stories hey, sam, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. it's quite a story to tell when we discuss who is on the front lines of the covid-19 response, many people probably thinking about health care workers at hospitals, nurses at testing sites but let's not forget about the many men and women who are driving big rig trucks, in some cases seven days a week to make sure that americans have access to food and medicine and other essential supplies
7:44 am
this morning truckers nationwide collectively revving up the heart of america's economic engine >> do you feel like you're a life line for people >> of course without our trucks, america will stop >> reporter: millions pumping hand sanitizer for safety. >> we do this all day every day. >> reporter: and then pumping out food, medicine, and clothing to anxious consumers who are buying household goods like they'll never see them again >> on behalf of american truckers, slow down, people. just get enough for a few days for your family. another truck is coming. we're coming the truckers are coming, people. >> every day i can deliver is the utmost importance to everybody, i think because like i went in several stores, all the racks are empty, no bread. >> reporter: d'artagnan raspberry hitting the road to deliver bread while families
7:45 am
like his own wait out this health crisis. a reminder of personal sacrifices you're making. >> how many of the people who do this every single day have families waiting at home >> all of them everybody that drives, they have families at home that's waiting for them. >> reporter: while praise for the supply chain mvps has poured in from the very top >> i want to take a moment to praise the everyday heroes who are making this possible >> reporter: the road has gotten increasingly rocky dozens of rest stops are shuttered. in florida turnpike food courts are closed a jacksonville man even documenting this pit stock flyer. all truckdrivers, to ensure the safety of our employees, we cannot allow you to use indoor restrooms or loiter in this building but some ugly obstacles outshined by the light of human compassion where did you get all this stuff? >> we got this stuff from sam's club. >> reporter: a west virginia 13-year-old, whose dad is a
7:46 am
truck driver, using his allowance to buy food for other drivers. >> my motto is if there's no truck drivers out here, america will suffer. >> reporter: another woman offering a safe place to pull over and sleep along with a hot shower and something to eat. food for the soul to an often unheralded workforce that's keeping our nation moving. >> what do you want people to know about people in the trucking industry who are risking everything right now to get goods delivered? >> i just want to say, we got your backs >> reporter: now, when i asked jorge chavez what's the hardest part about your job, he said right now it's finding food at a lot of truck stops across the country, you'll find signs like these, dining unavailable. to go only the health department requiring this in many cases hours are limited. so the truck drivers are taking to making meals inside their trucks they are doing the best they can, hoda, as many of us are, under difficult circumstances. back to you. >> hats off to those truck drivers.
7:47 am
as that driver said, we're coming we're coming you don't have to overshop we're coming thank you so much. savannah. >> hello al, you've got a check of the weather, right >> i do, i do. those truckers are our calvary we love them thanks to what they are doing. some of them will be driving through some fairly warm weather. take a look at these temperatures some of them really setting records later. looking at above average temperatures today from denver down to dallas and houston, over to jacksonville and up to memphis, anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees above average. tomorrow the warmth continues from tallahassee, atlanta, st. louis 4 degrees above average. lubbock near 83. by late this week, we are looking at numerous highs. look at ft. myers. charleston will be 82. 85 friday in dallas. new orleans you're going to see temperatures flirting with near 90 degrees by saturday so the rest of the country for the day, a nicer day in the northeast. sierra snow moves into the pacific northwest and northern california
7:48 am
look for those record highs along the gulf good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. while snow moves into the sierra, the bay area gets some rain. it will be off and on today, but right now we're just seeing a mostly cloudy sky over san francisco. we're going to see at times the sun peeking out. i'm also tracking that rain that will be off and on as we go into not only this afternoon but tomorrow as well, and we will keep the rain chances in the forecast until about early thursday when we will catch a break, and our temperatures will be cool through at least the middle of the workweek. >> and that is your latest weather. hoda. >> all right al, thank you. still to come our hero of the day. a college student home from school who has found a special way to use his sudden free time. but first these messages belgian. and delivery servicing.
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♪ good tuesday morning. right now it's 7:55. as you head out the door make sure you have the umbrella. we have some cool temperatures across the bay area. here is a live look at our satellite and radar as we've been tracking some rain moving through parts of the north bay, and this is going to move into the rest of the bay area going into not only the morning but the afternoon as well. we will see some scattered showers passing by for today and it will be much cooler with highs staying in the mid-50s for the inland areas. we will start to see the rain moving out by thursday and it's going to gradually warm up. by sunday a slight chance of rain early in the morning but then by monday we're reaching into the mid-70s, and san francisco will stay in the upper 50s over the next few days.
7:57 am
i'll be tracking this for you. mike has an eye on the commute. kari, we're watching. folks who are doing that essential work, including those folks driving the trucks that our sam brock just talked to on the "today" show. a smooth drive around most of the bay. one concern is the off ramp southbound 680 where we had a deadly crash. no interruption as far as the flow of traffic that i've been told but that is there in san ramon. the rest of the bay shows an easy drive. back to you. happening now a new and free coronavirus testing center in hayward is getting the start of its second day of operations. they are loosening the requirements. the testing center opens at 9:00 a.m. link to more right now from the coronavirus section of our home page. well, the summer olympic games will not go on as planned. japan and the ioc agreed to
7:58 am
postpone the olympics. instead those plans will now take shape to hold in the summer games of tokyo next year. check out california live on our website at or follow us on our instagram page.
7:59 am
8:00 am
order residents to stay home. plus "what to expect when you're expecting." what soon-to-be parents need to know as the number of hospitals around the countries ban partners from delivery rooms. wait until next year.
8:01 am
breaking news from japan this morning, late word the olympics will be postponed until 2012. we'll talk about that with the host of the olympic coverage, mike tirico. welcome to "today," tuesday, march 24, 2020. hey, everybody. welcome back to "today." it's a tuesday morning. savannah, there you are, bright and yellow from home again. good to see your face. >> you, too. good morning, sunshine. >> al and craig at home. savannah, we're waiting for carson. we want news about the little baby. nothing yet, right? >> i was going to say, we're so excited for this baby to get here, but not as excited as siri and carson. they are waiting for baby girl to make her appearance. we hope to get news from them. let us get to the news at 8:00. the president is talking about reopening the nation for business in a matter of weeks not months even as more states are ordering more strict coronavirus restrictions. nbc's tom costello at reagan national airport this morning with what he's watching today.
8:02 am
tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. of course the airlines and airports are at the heart of the nation's business and they are virtually at a stand still right now. we have mixed messages coming out of the white house. it's critically important. on the one hand, the white house is suggesting we should all continue to practice social distancing, 6 feet or so. on the other hand, the president is signaling he wants to see the country get back to normal and get back to business. very concerned about the effects on the economy. a short time ago on "today" we had dr. deborah birx talking to savannah really about this balancing act between health care on the one hand versus the economy on the other. she hinted it would be important for more targeted enforcement. in other words, looking at the hardest-hit areas for quarantine. >> there's a fine line and a place to go that balances the needs of the american people both today and tomorrow with the reality of the epidemic. that's going to require really precision granular data,
8:03 am
and that's what we're collecting now. >> reporter: other news now. states have told their citizens to stay home to try to avoid the spread of the virus. we have now about half of the country effected by country effected by this about a dozen states or so so half the population kind of a directive. usually with the suggestion that you can go out to the grocery store, to a pharmacy to get gasoline or to a doctor's appointment. in florida, the governor there is ordering that anybody flying in from the new york area must be quarantined for up to 14 days the last point here that's important, that is congress now nearly done debating and managing through a nearly $2 trillion economic package the sticking point has been the balance between the corporate bailout on the one hand versus helping american families and workers on the other hand. secretary mnuchin from the treasury department suggesting a deal is near we have this late breaking news from the cdc, suggesting this
8:04 am
morning that traces of the coronavirus have been found on a cruise ship 17 days after passengers left. the cruise ship they are talkin" which was quarantined off of japan. the fact that the virus was found 17 days later is a concern. hoda, back to you. >> british prime minister boris johnson announced extraordinary measures to keep the virus from overrunning his country as it has others today our international correspondent keir simmons joins us from london hey, keir, good morning. >> hoda, great to see you this morning. this is notting hill you may remember from the scenes in the famous hugh grant movie how bustling this place is, now look at it i said yesterday i'm going to try and bring you good news amid the suffering here in europe this morning from italy, signs that this europe-wide lockdown
8:05 am
may be having a real effect. britain, who has never seen anything like it in peace time until this year, no living european leader had to make such an address but on monday, the british prime minister announcing a nationwide lockdown >> we'll stop more gatherings of more than two people in public excludeing people you live with. we'll stop all social events including weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies but excluding funerals. >> france's national quarantine now in week two. the government this morning empowered to extend the restrictions for two months. in paris, the lippett family, original from boston, are keeping a video diary. >> i took our dog pepper out on a walk the other day at like 11:30, and it was just completely silent. it was weird. >> you tried to go running last night. >> yeah. i mean, it was -- i wasn't
8:06 am
dodging anyone, so that was nice but yet it was creepy, it was spooky. >> reporter: as airlines ground their fleets, the stat department says more than 13,000 americans have asked for help getting home from italy, maybe, just maybe, signs these draconian measures do work. another decrease in deaths and infections in the chinese city of wuhan where the virus started, officials announcing many restrictions will be lifted in early april. but globally, cases are soaring. india, with a population of a billion people to egypt where they are disinfecting the world famous egyptian museum, israel's first fatality, an 88-year-old holocaust survivor in this spanish hospital, the halls lined with the sick. some lying on the floor and everywhere the eerie sound of patients coughing, the calling card of coronavirus. for those on this side of the dh
8:07 am
who are struggling with this lockdown, i just want to show you this this is a message sent to a million people here in britain who have underlying conditions the message tells them to stay indoors for 12 weeks, even to distance themselves from other folks in their own homes savannah >> it's just awful to see those images from the hospital keir, thank you very much. meantime, the president has postponed the october 1st deadline for travelers to obtain enhanced driver's licenses that comply with the federal real id law. a new date will be announced soon the president said now is not the time to have people crowding motor vehicle offices when they are supposed to be social distancing an estimated two-thirds of americans don't have compliant ids that will be needed to fly within the u.s., if you don't have passport, military id or other acceptable document. we're caught up on the news, hoda, there's only one thing to do >> i think i know what you have on your mind
8:08 am
we're talking about the morning boost. staying home to beat the coronavirus is the right thing to do, but one woman in new mexico found a safe way to break up the boredom and cheer up her neighbors. each day she gets in the back of her husband's pickup and they roll through town as the stars of their very own parade >> hi, guys! hey, linda >> come on is that genius she's laughing, one of her favorite things to do. she says if she sees any spectators standing too close, she chants, 6 feet apart 6 feet apart she knows how to have some fun, though >> i was going to say, she's got the right idea we might see this catch on we have a bonus boost. you're going to love this one. a zookeeper in melbourne, australia, gaining worldwide fame this morning.
8:09 am
because of his wild dance moves captured by a live stream camera ke ♪ >> okay. so that camera was set up in the giraffe enclosure of the zoo, but a few lucky folks who sat down in front of their computers to see their favorite mammals. instead, well, they saw him. and a pretty good show, wildlife show there he's got the moves. >> he's got some great moves you know what, a lot of people have been asking us about ways to help as we adjust as a nation to staying at home we've got some good suggestions for you, and that's coming up. plus how about this, tokyo 2021 we'll talk to mike tirico, he's the host of nbc's olympics coverage he's going to join us. he'll talk about the u.s. joining the call to postpone the games overnight. we'll have more on that coming up after these messages. ould do.
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